Caravan and Mobile Home Breakdown Insurance

26 Nov

Caravan and Mobile Home Breakdown Insurance

Caravan and mobile home breakdown insurance is usually written to cover the vehicle that is doing the towing and anything that it might be pulling along behind it. This means that such policies can apply to your caravan, motorhome, trailer or popup travel tent.

What’s Included in Caravan Breakdown Insurance

First of all, anything that is included for an ordinary vehicle will be available for the vehicle that is towing your caravan or other trailers. That means that you have the usual protection for flat tires, discharged batteries or locked up keys. In addition, you can enjoy leisure battery replacement, tires for the trailer, caravan or popup. In addition, we can help with those situations where you must have your caravan in one place and the vehicle must go to another place for repair. Good coverage will help reunite your vehicle with the object you were towing.

Hire Vehicle

While no one likes to think about it, sometimes a tow vehicle breaks down and cannot be repaired in a timely fashion. There can be problems with obtaining parts, or with having the right expertise on hand to affect the repairs. When that happens, your breakdown insurance with the RAC can help with hiring a replacement tow vehicle and can also help with getting your vehicle back home to you if it is delayed beyond your planned departure time.

Misfuel Coverage

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be a problem. If you are dealing with fuel types in a country where you do not speak the language, it could be easy to put the wrong kind of fuel into the tank. Misfuel coverage will provide a singular sort of service. Someone will drain the fuel tank for you, flush it out and re-fill it with the correct fuel, thereby preventing mechanical damage from the incorrect fuel. What can happen to your car or truck when filled with the wrong kind of fuel? If it is merely a matter of fueling with premium instead of regular, the consequences are not too dire – although you want to switch back as soon as possible. But if you accidentally use diesel in a car meant to use gasoline, then turn the engine off and call for help.

Follow-On Recovery

Sometimes when the towing vehicle has had the difficulty, it can be hard to get your follow-on to a second destination. This can save your vacation so that you can go ahead and enjoy yourself while you are waiting for repairs. The policy might also provide alternative transportation so that you will be able to see the sights or attend meetings, or whatever you might have done using your own car while you are waiting for it to be repaired. Or, if it is not possible to locate your follow-on where it is useable to help you locate in temporary lodgings until your repairs can be completed.

Travel Itinerary

Traveling to other countries and across borders can sometimes present some interesting challenges. A good breakdown policy sometimes will have a service that helps you plan your trip, making it easy to ensure that you are never too far away from assistance and smoothing out processes that can be irksome at the very least.

Overall, a good breakdown insurance policy for your caravan and towing vehicle can make the difference between a pleasant vacation or one that turns into a vehicle repair nightmare. A breakdown insurance policy is like having a good friend who is only a phone call away, and who is always willing to help in the case of emergency. It can make all the difference between a pleasant trip and one that turns into a nightmare of trying to deal with car repairs in a country where you do not speak the local language.